We value our patients' experience at Aligned Inc.. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Kyle Gillett
Your Redmond Chiropractor

I appreciated the pleasant and friendly manner Dr. Gillett has. As well as he does not talk long term care commitment, or try and get you into a paying program for his services. He gets to the problem and you feel relief and as the body adjusts to the adjustment you feel better and better. Thank you so very much. ~Jeannette G.

I was a NUCCA patient in California years ago, we moved to Colorado and there was not a NUCCA doctor in our area. I tried Palmer, Gonstad and Koran methods of chiropractic care, none of which worked for me. I am thrilled that I was able to find Dr. Gillett when we moved to Redmond. ~Teri H.

First visit was x-rays and an explanation of what was going to happen and what to expect. The 2nd visit the doctor showed the results of the x-rays and performed my first alignment. I experienced immediate results! My nasal passages cleared up significantly and my neck had a much more pain free range of motion. ~Shawn F.

My care at this office has been outstanding! Amazing office staff and Dr. Gillett is very knowledgeable and knows his patients well! The care I have received has made me totally pain free as a runner who runs over 30 miles a week! Just a great doctor and practice! ~Elizabeth B.

From day one, I felt so hopeful that after years of no answers, that Dr. Gillett could help me. He not only listened well to my symptoms and situation, but was able to explain what was wrong with me in a clear, concise way and set out a course of action to bring relief. Having been seen for the past year at Align, I am so grateful for the huge difference that it has made in my life. I am free of migraines, intense neck pain, and am on the road to full recovery. ~Jenna J.

I love this chiropractic group. I found Dr. Gillett technique and gentle touch much more in alignment with my body’s needs and healing. Both Dr. Gillett and Sally are wonderful people and I highly recommend their practice to anyone and if you are so gifted, their friendship as well. ~Joanie R.

Dr. Gillett was very professional and thorough. I was looking for a natural way for my body to heal itself and found it here at Aligned. I wanted to steer away from anything foreign being put in my body to only possibly fix it. The method of chiropractic treatment received at Aligned is not popping and cracking, it is a very gentle adjustment most often times to the neck area. I am happy to have Dr. Gillett as my physician. ~Linda A.

Anytime I get a chance, I tell people who are suffering from back and neck pain to go see Dr. Gillett at Aligned! I can’t say it enough he has helped me when no one else could. For years I saw others and they never even came close to helping me heal. I can’t thank him enough! ~Shannon L.

Great friendly professional environment. ~Gayla N.

I was very well pleased with my experience with Dr. Kyle. I am very much better. Headaches and back pain are gone and overall health much better. He is always friendly, informative and caring. Thank you Dr. Kyle! ~Kelley B.

Dr. Gillett is an excellent practitioner. He helped me with my chronic neck pain. ~Susan R.

I tell everyone about you, I think your great.~Dee J.

Amazing! I had almost immediate relief I highly recommend Dr. Gillett. ~Trish R.

“My issues are a thing of the past!”

 Denise K.

I initially came to see Dr. Kyle for pain, stiffness and limited range of motion in my neck. It wasn’t long before those issues were a thing of the past… The service at Aligned is Amazing! Dr. Kyle takes his time and truly cares. The technology and equipment are also very impressive.

The cost of the care at Aligned is very affordable. I stay straight and maintain my health for less than most people spend on coffee each month. Now that the pain and stiffness have improved I’m able to work out at the gym again. I’m generally more flexible and able to spend more time in my yard and garden. I feel like my body is now cooperating with me rather than fighting against me!

Thank You! ~ Denise K.

“Free and Mobile!”

Richard B., Retired Chiropractor

I have been enjoying upper cervical Chiropractic care (NUCCA) since 1983. In fact I have been under weekly Chiropractic observation since 1972, and adjusted as indicated. You may think “Well, you must have a very bad back!” Not at all, in fact, my ‘symptoms’ are minor compared to most American adults. Hence you may wonder, “If you don’t go in for headaches, back pain, neck pain, etc. why would you have Dr. Gillett evaluate you each week?” I do acknowledge that when Dr. Gillett sets my neck my entire spine does become more “free and mobile.” Yes it does indeed “feel better.” However for me, there is so much more to it than that!

Allow me to refer to the back of my business card when I practiced in the 70’s–80’s—90’s, which said: “The Amount of Life and Health You are entitled to is between you and your Creator; what’s Interfering with that is between You and Me.”

The short story is that my life is totally and completely and irrevocably tied to my Creative Potential, physically-mentally-and socially. The simple fact is, that when Dr. Gillett corrects the Subluxated Vertebra in my cervical spine, he is literally removing Interference to the Life Force (the Creative Potential) that animates my body-mind-and spirit.

Thank you Dr. Gillett! ~ Richard B., Retired Chiropractor